Record Your Next Hit at PRR-TIME

No matter what level of experience you have with audio technology, you can always create a fully polished, mixed and mastered mix tape at PRR-Time Studio. Based in Elmont, NY, chief engineer and producer Pluto Rock Rol and his staff of audio experts are at your service with quality studio recording facilities and talent. There are many benefits to recording at a music production company rather than at home:

  • The Space: Sound proofing and superb recording studio construction allow for the ideal recording environment. Record your vocals in an isolated booth for the most flexible editing experience. At PRR-TIME Studio, you don't have to worry about the noisy upstairs neighbors ruining your perfect take.
  • The Equipment: Great sound starts right at the recording stage. PRR-TIME Studio's engineers have experience with a variety of different instruments, microphones, and outboard gear. They can create just the right setup for your needs. All audio mixing and music video production take place using industry standard software, and all data is stored on the studio server. Customers are strongly encouraged to back up their own data.
  • The Talent: The greatest equipment money can buy is useless without people who know how to use it. PRR-TIME Studio has an experienced and reputable team who can give you a clean, radio-worthy sound, from the microphone to the mixing room. Looking for a special sound? Pluto or one of his audio experts will find what you're looking for, whether it's a synthesizer, drum machine, or audio effect.

To book a reservation or make an inquiry about their facilities, call PRR-TIME Studio at (516) 699-2375 or send an email to

Pluto Rock Rol Time Is Money Entertainment (PRR-TIME)