Professional Recording

Even an untrained ear can detect the difference between amateur recordings and professional, high-quality sound. Whether you are trying to establish yourself as a musician, filmmaker, or producer, it is important to have a professional, seamless recording of your work that demonstrates your skills. PRR-Time Studio in Elmont, New York will help you showcase your talent in a professional manner and present the best possible version of your music to the world.

Here are a few things you simply don’t get when recording at home:

Quality: Even if you have created great music, if the quality of the sound is poor it will distract from the quality of your work. The audio production experts Pluto and his team at PRR-Time will ensure your recordings sound as good as any top artist’s would.


Resources: When you record music with a music production company like PRR-Time, you have access to useful resources and equipment that most people don’t have at home. In addition to great facilities, PRR-Time Studio's team of producers, composers, and engineers will be there to guide you through the recording process and help you create the exact sound you have in mind.

Focus: When recording at home, distractions tend to pop up left and right. When you are in a studio at a music production company, you will be able to focus on your work free of distractions.

PRR-Time Studio specializes in mix tape recording, music mastering, music mixing, music video production. Best of all, their rates are very affordable. Contact them through their website at or by calling them at (516) 699-2375.